Who am I?

Hi, My names Carly, I’m a 25 year old from South Wales, currently living in London.

I’m completely obsessed with travel, food and my dog Mimi.

What’s Two’s Company about?

In a nutshell, Two’s company is a place where I can write about my travels with my boyfriend (Shaun). I wanted it to be a place where I could record our trips, let our family and friends know what we have been up to, recall all the funny moments and potentially help others with ideas for their travels.

After meeting at University, Shaun and I quickly discovered that we both shared a passion for travelling. Planning new places to visit and exploring new cities quickly became our favourite hobby. After spending 3 years together, squeezing every possible travel opportunity in between our studies, I decided to start documenting our travels.

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures, can laugh with us at some of our less poised moments and potentially take some useful information away.

Carly x